“I recently had an intuitive reading from Ginger, even though I am usually skeptical about anything I cannot see with my own eyes. It was incredible how much insight she gave me into my self and my situation! I went from being confused and upset to having a whole new perspective on things… and hope for the future. If you’re feeling stuck, let Ginger’s intuitive gift show you some things you didn’t see before.”

~ Christina, 40 years old

“In one session, Ginger helped me identify the central driving force in my life, a realization that had eluded me through years of therapy. I consider her absolutely amazing and remarkably gifted.”

~ Suzanne, age 70

“When I started working with Ginger I had a life debilitating health issue. I had been to the doctor, but my symptoms seemed to push against the prescribed medication and somehow made things worse. With Ginger, I found inner dynamics that not only connected directly to my symptoms, but had been dramatically holding me back my whole life. After an initial reading we did a series of healing sessions. After each session and each layer of healing work, my symptoms significantly improved and I felt freer to engage in my life. I have done a lot of psychotherapy and spiritual direction, but this is the most empowering and efficient change I’ve ever experienced. I so appreciate Ginger’s ability to not only facilitate this healing work, but walk with me as I process and integrate my experience. She is gifted, personal, professional, and always makes sure I am guiding her, not the other way around – this is my work, which she skillfully supports.”
~ Karen, age 37, Vancouver BC