Hi, I’m Ginger!

Here are a few things to know about me…

Me on a log crop1. I’m a teacher

I was raised by two talented and dedicated teachers. Teaching is in my blood, and I’m truly at my best when I’m supporting your learning. Though you may benefit tremendously from my work with you, my ultimate goal is to teach you the self-care and intuitive skills you need to receive guidance and become your own healer. With this in mind, I’ll continue to challenge you to be a learner and an active participant in the process.

2. I’m an intuitive

I was born extremely sensitive to the energy around me; it was my first language. Over time, my intuition has developed into a powerful tool for receiving guidance and facilitating personal growth. When I connect with my intuition my senses come alive and I’m transported into a technicolor dream world of living pictures. I’m able to “read” these pictures, experience and understand your inner world, reveal the truth of your situation, and give you the answers you’ve been seeking.

3. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

I practiced as an individual and family therapist for years before my own life experience allowed me to develop a deeper, faster, more effective way of working that has completely changed how I understand healing. My intuitive approach is grounded in 15 years of clinical experience as well as a personal development tool kit I’ve been developing for over 30 years.

4. I’m a life-long learner

From the moment I could crawl, I’ve felt a hunger to seek out new experiences and perspectives. This craving has taught me to view every event in my life as an opportunity for learning. As we set out on this journey, even the most difficult moments will serve as lamp posts illuminating the areas within you that most need our attention. I’m on the edge of my seat, and I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you.

5. I’m a student of horses

I was barely a year old when I first breathed in the scent of a horse, and I’m forever grateful to the four-legged teachers who have graced my life since then. Horses have been the catalyst that challenged me to continue to question my limits, and to fully realize and appreciate my intuitive gifts. I learn more from them every day, and I can say for certain that I’ve only scratched the surface of the wisdom they have to share.


6. I love the natural world

The colors of a sunset, the smell of a moist forest after a hard rain, the sound of horses chewing in the silence of a summer evening, or the soft soil beneath my bare feet always takes me back to my origin. The natural world keeps me present, connected to my senses, and grounded the way I need to be in order to hold a space for you to learn, grow, and heal.

7. I have the cutest dog ever!

I think this face speaks for itself… His name is “Fyn.”

     Me and FF copy

8. I keep it real

I’m really good at what I do…I’m also not perfect. Sometimes I have bad days, and occasionally I forget to apply what I teach to my own life. When you talk to me, you’ll get ME, not the perfect polished version of me, or the one who needs to know everything. You can trust me to be straight with you, to tell you the truth even when it’s uncomfortable, and to listen especially when your ideas are really different than mine. I keep it real so you can, too.

9. I’m really glad you’re here

In my experience, the most powerful learning happens in relationships. I simply could not do this work without people like you to challenge me to be more of who I am each day. I’m glad you’re here because I know you and I have much to learn from each other. And, we can’t learn it alone.

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