“Your soul is calling to you. Are you listening?”

~ Ginger

What’s intuition?

the path copyIt’s an ability to understand or know something before you actually sense it. Intuition communicates through feelings, thoughts, body sensations, pictures, direct insight, and even sound. It’s a lost language; one that was commonplace among living creatures long before the development of verbal communication.

Those who have managed to stay connected to their intuitive gifts, amidst the noise of our culture, have much to teach those who are seeking to reawaken this connection and receive the wisdom contained within it. I’m one of them, and it’s a privilege to share my gift with you, and help you remember your own.

What’s an Intuitive Reading?

I’ll connect with my intuition and explore your inner world while “reading” the energetic and relational dynamics within your body and your psyche that support you as well as the barriers that prevent you from living the life you want.

When you choose to work with me, you and I become a team. It’s a collaborative relationship where we work together to explore your questions and gain insight and clarity about your situation. The process is quick, accurate, and reveals the deepest truth of your current situation. It’s an incredible experience to be seen and understood in such a powerful way, and you’ll finally have the answers you’ve been seeking.

An Intuitive Reading happens over the phone and lasts between 3o minutes and two hours, depending on your needs. It’s designed to help you gain clarity about a specific issue in your life, and give you the insight and skills to take your next steps with confidence. You choose the topic and then ask as many questions as you like to receive the answers you’re seeking. Once we understand the situation more deeply, we’ll work together to identify the action steps that are in alignment with the life you want, and decide if Integrative Healing work is appropriate.

Scheduling and rates

I keep my own appointment book so please contact me directly so we can get to know each other. I’ll answer any questions and, if we determine we’d work well together, schedule your Intuitive Reading. When I receive your payment I’ll send you an email containing a short questionnaire where you’ll share some background information and help me understand the issue you’d like to explore.

Contact me for more information.

30 minute reading ~ $50

60 minute reading ~ $100

90 minute reading ~ $140

2 hour reading ~ $180

15 minute check in ~ $25   (for established clients only)

When you click on the payment link below, you’ll see the business name InterPlay Horsemanship Inc. You’re in the right place!


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“I recently had an Intuitive Reading from Ginger, even though I am usually skeptical about anything I cannot see with my own eyes. It was incredible how much insight she gave me into my self and my situation! I went from being confused and upset to having a whole new perspective on things… and hope for the future. If you’re feeling stuck, let Ginger’s intuitive gift show you some things you didn’t see before.”

 ~ Christina, 40 years old

“Whenever I lose perspective on my life I seek guidance from Ginger because her ability to connect authentically helps me better understand myself, situation, and others. In a recent Intuitive Reading, she helped me clarify and gain insight into my relationships. I recommend one if you like a figurative mirror held up to show your inner life. I am always impressed by her visuals and her articulate descriptions are both accurate and insightful. I appreciate Ginger’s sensitivity and honesty. I came away from the reading with more energy and confidence about my next steps and the areas I need to work on.

~ Dani, 25 years old