Before you receive an Intuitive Reading or Integrative Healing session, it’s natural to wonder what the experience will be like. It’s important to me that my work produces tangible results that are grounded in your real life. Simply stated, you should start to feel better and notice positive change in your life…and those changes should last!

We’ll create this experience together

An Intuitive Reading is an organic process that we create together over the phone. I’ll connect with my intuition and explore your inner world while “reading” the energetic and relational dynamics within your body and your psyche that support you as well as the barriers that hold you back. I’ll describe what I see and the meaning that comes to me and you can add to the conversation any time you feel moved to. You can ask as many questions as you like as we follow the intuitive flow of the process to see where it leads us. It’ll feel relaxed and easy like a regular phone conversation, and you’ll come away with plenty of insight and answers. I encourage you to take notes and record anything you think would be useful to remember.

An Integrative Healing session is similar but you don’t actually need to be present. Because the intuitive process is so interwoven with the unconscious mind and is communicated to me in a language of imagery and metaphor, it’s not always easy to follow or understand. You are welcome and even encouraged to participate as a witness while I interact with the different aspects of yourself and describe the process to you. I can also do the work on my own and then fill you in over the phone afterwards. It’s entirely up to you, and the results will be the same either way.

Any issue is “fair game,” … and this isn’t therapy

Because every experience you have, on every level, has a deeper energetic dynamic at it’s source, any issue or symptom can be addressed with this work. Depression, anxiety or other emotional issues, chronic illness or physical symptoms, relationship patterns, addictive behavior, food and weight issues, feeling “stuck,” and any unusual challenges that western medicine and psychology have no answers for are great candidates for Integrative Healing.

That said, there may be times when you really just want someone to talk to, to help you process issues from the past, and to listen while you share your feelings. We all need this from time to time, but since this work actually bypasses the conscious mind, a lot of “processing” can actually interfere with integration. This isn’t a therapy practice, and it’s important that you get right kind of support for where you are in your life. If emotional support is your primary need, I can provide some great referrals. You may also choose to see a therapist as a way to support and compliment our work together.

It’s fast. It’s effective. And results will continue to unfold over time

Everyone is different, and you come to this partnership with your own set of life experiences that have shaped who you are. There is no way to tell how long the process will take, but it’s likely to be a lot faster than you think. This is a different way of working than you are probably used to, and because it targets the deepest source of your challenges, we don’t have to spend weeks or even months trying to understand “why” you do what you do, or where your symptoms are coming from. I’ll be able to see the truth right away, and that saves us mountains of time! Some issues are resolved in one or just a few sessions while others take more time. Because each session stands alone, you can move through the process at your own pace. As your psyche adjusts to the changes you’ll continue to see positive results over time.

Your system wants to heal

This work accesses a deeper leverage point of change than counseling or therapy. Though the information we uncover during your Intuitive Reading will likely bring a lot of new insights into your awareness, you don’t need to work really hard to consciously understand what you learn in order to experience change. Integrative Healing relies on a deeper wisdom inside of you that is seeking healing and balance. All I do is remove the barriers that are preventing your system from restoring it’s own health and well being.

Change won’t be linear

Because this work is so deep, change will not be linear. If a specific symptom was what brought you to the work, don’t be surprised if you benefit in other ways as well. You are a holistic being living in a human system and everything is connected. As the changes filter up through your psyche, you may notice positive shifts in unexpected areas of your life. Your presenting symptom may be among the first or the last things to change.

There may be growing pains

Because your circumstances are unique, it’s hard to say what you’ll experience as the changes take place. Some people experience strong or unexpected emotions, unusual body sensations or physical symptoms, strange dreams, or thought patterns that are unfamiliar. It may take a few days or a few weeks for a healing session to work it’s way through your psyche and manifest in your world in a way that makes sense to you. Things may even seem get worse before they get better and you may have some odd experiences that you can’t explain. Stay the course and don’t lose heart; they’ll pass. It’s important to wait until these experiences settle before scheduling your next healing session.

Make no meaning, draw no conclusions

The unconscious mind is an intricate web of connections and when you change something, everything else has to shift and change around it. These “growing pains” you’re experiencing are a necessary and unavoidable part of the process and it’s important to relax, take good care of yourself, and allow them to move through you. Make no meaning, and draw no conclusions about the process, yourself, or the work until the integration process is complete.

You’ll need support

As you move through the integration process, you’ll probably need support. It’s a good idea to communicate with family and friends that you may experience some challenges along the way. This way they’ll know what to expect and be able to provide help and support if you need it.

Integrative Healing is not meant to be a substitute for other modalities and, if you’re suffering from a mental health issue or a chronic illness, I recommend (and may even require) that you remain under the care of a mental health therapist or medical doctor through the duration of our work together.

We’ll be in touch by phone and email so I can stay updated on your progress and give you some self-care suggestions. I want to hear about what’s unfolding for you so I can help guide your process and learn as much as I can from your experience.

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